Beit El Helm Award


About the Award

Wataneya together with MBC Hope and Drosos Foundation launched "Beet El Helm" for best institutional homes and orphanages applying the National Quality Standards for Alternative Care or institutional homes excelling in one of the pillars of those standards.

National Quality Standards for Alternative Care were accredited by Ministry of Solidarity in June 2014.

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Objectives of the Award

  • Highlight dedicated and successful institutional homes in applying the Quality of Standards among the public and media.
  • Raise public awareness about the NQS importance and the community role.
  • Exchange of experiences between institutional homes.



All institutional homes winners will receive a shield, certificate and technical support from Wataneya Society for a year that differs based on the needs of each institutional home.


Selection Process


Jury Members

Policies and Procedures

1. No application forms to be accepted after the deadline.

2. The jury members' decisions are final and are not subject to any discussion or objection.

3. The jury members are allowed to provide the award of a particular category equally between two winners.

4. The jury committee does not rely on the amount of data and documents requested, but on the quality and accuracy of the data and documents.

5. The committee is allowed to exclude candidates that don’t match the requirements requested.

6. All documents and data are confidential and the jury committee and Wataneya Society are not allowed to use or publish any information.


Beet El Helm Award Partners

Strategic Partners


Support the Award

You too can contribute in implementing the Quality Stanards by supporting the Award, in case you are:  

  • An individual:  Help us reach to the best institutional home or orphanage you visited to  win the Award.
  • CSR of Companies: Sponsor Beet el Helm Award 2017.
  • Media: Shed the lights on  the winning institutional homes and promoting the importance of implementing the Quality Standards.



Award Winners for the Year 2015 - 2016 


Basha'er El Fagr Institutional Home
Best Instiitutional Home in
Quality of Childcare and Protection

Beet El Hamd
Best Institutional Home in Quality
of Management

 Street Children Activity - Wady Houf
Branch - Resala Institution
Best Institutional Home in Quality
of Applying National Quality Standards

Beet Amena for Girls Care
Best Institutional Home in Quality
of Building and Facilities